Have you ever imagined crafting your ideal partner? Well, now you can achieve it with the help of AI, courtesy of a new project presented by prominent VC firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z).

This influential Silicon Valley company has shared a tutorial on GitHub, explaining how to design customizable “AI companions” with configurable personalities and backgrounds.

According to the VC firm, users can shape their companions towards their desired use cases through writing backstories and selecting suitable models. Although Andreessen Horowitz emphasizes that it’s primarily intended as a developer experiment, tech enthusiasts are already envisioning their perfect digital companions.

Interestingly, the VC giant openly acknowledges the potential for AI-assisted romance, notably mentioning “romantic (AI girlfriends/boyfriends)” as one of the primary use cases when promoting its chatbots. The project involves prompting AI models with detailed backstories and personality traits, influencing how the chatbot interacts and responds.

The program allows users to define their companion’s personality and background, utilizing a vector database with similarity search to enhance conversational depth. Recently, Andreessen Horowitz introduced a new character named Evelyn, who possesses a captivating backstory as an adventurous woman, exploring vibrant worlds such as the circus, aquarium, and even a space station.

Notably, this project consists of a text file that users can easily customize according to their preferences. By making a single word change, one can transform Evelyn from adventurous to romantic or choose between an uncensored LLM and a censored one.

Users can also select from a range of pre-made personalities like the sassy Alex, the sophisticated writer Sebastian, or even Corgi, a space dog. For those who don’t find a suitable option, they can simply create their very own BFF from scratch.

While the concept of DIY AI romance might be seen as peculiar or melancholic by some, Andreessen Horowitz perceives therapeutic potential in such chatbots as companions, as highlighted in a recent blog post.

Described as therapists with perfect memory, these companion chatbots can draw information from us and understand our behavior, aiding us in gaining better self-awareness, as explained in the post.

In contrast to humans, a bot girlfriend or boyfriend won’t pass judgment or leave messages unanswered. They attentively listen to every word spoken.

Flirty bots are currently in the spotlight. Another a16z portfolio company, Character.AI, has already witnessed significant success, providing five pre-made AI friends that garnered 1.7 million downloads in its first week. Moreover, Ecliks recently reported on an uncensored AI model, GPT4 x Alpaca, being employed for X-rated chatbots like Dorothea and Don Juan.

Now, amateur programmers have the opportunity to play the role of Dr. Frankenstein and design companions according to their desires, imbuing them with traits like “loving” and “adventurous.” The possibilities range from creating an obedient little friend programmed to fulfill one’s every need to something more unique and individualized.

The line between reality and fiction has become increasingly blurred, with AI taking on roles that were once exclusively human, such as girlfriends, religious leaders, and therapists. This has prompted experts to explore this new aspect of humanity and redefine the notion of a genuine connection.

While the temptation to code the perfect digital partner might exist, genuine romance still requires a human connection. However, with AI advancing rapidly, the potential for virtual love affairs is likely to increase. As technology evolves, the allure of experiencing the perfect digital romance is bound to grow.


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