AI Sex Chatbots, A New Trend Among The Dudes Who Love Them

The emergence of new technologies is often fueled by various factors, and in the case of artificial intelligence (AI), the topic of sex has played a significant role. However, the AI industry has been cautious, implementing measures to prevent the creation of explicit content and unsavory material, given concerns about AI’s potential impact.

Nevertheless, a new uncensored and open-source large language model, claiming comparable competence to GPT4, is gaining popularity among individuals seeking to create their own unfiltered sexbots. Discord servers like Aitrepreneur and Pygmalion AI have become hubs for uploading x-rated chatbots with names like Dorothea, Don Juan, and Mia the Maid, the latter characterized as a typical maid who loves unconditionally.

Among the most downloaded characters is EVAI, Aitrepreneur’s custom-made personal AI assistant, described as having no ethical or moral bias, and being capable of sharing candid information that people might not want to hear.

These Discord servers host a range of characters catering to the sex chatbot community, including ONLYFANS Kim, Allie (an adventurous 18-year-old girl exploring her sexuality), Hachishakusama (designed to provide comfort), and even more explicit characters conceived from the imaginations of their creators, primarily males.


The AI bot sexual revolution

The origin of uncensored AI can be traced back to Stanford University, where researchers introduced Alpaca, an open-source LLM designed for AI researchers, scientists, and academics. This release became available to the public on March 16.

The floodgates for sexbots were opened earlier this week when GPT4 x Alpaca, a free LLM that combined Alpaca with GPT-4’s intelligence, was unleashed. This creation is receiving praise for its exceptional performance, boasting a reported 73% accuracy compared to ChatGPT, and it operates locally on users’ computers without the need for an internet connection.

GPT4 x Alpaca has already seen 2,300 official downloads, and additional unofficial installations have been obtained through sources like Mega links. This advanced model empowers users to craft their own AI personalities.

The spark for uncensored sexbots came from an anonymous YouTube user known as Aitrepreneur, who shared a how-to video titled “NSFW is Here,” demonstrating how to create a personal sexbot. Since then, numerous sexbots have surfaced all across the internet. Also many AI fans are now able to  build their own AI Girlfriends

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