3 ways to use Stable Diffusion AI to create amazing images

The rising fame of generative AI has resulted in numerous websites and services that can produce images based on text descriptions or prompts. One such option worth considering is Stable Diffusion. This efficient and flexible tool is accessible through various websites and also as a standalone application. All you need to do is input your description, and it will create corresponding images for you.

The Stable Diffusion model empowers users to generate captivating images based on their own provided descriptions. Here’s how it operates: As a text-to-image model, Stable Diffusion is accessible through various websites.

Using Stable Diffusion Online

  1. How to generate the image: Access the Stable Diffusion Online site using your web browser, and select the “Get started for free” button. In the provided field labeled “Enter your prompt,” write a description of the image you wish to create. Afterward, click the “Generate image” button. As a result, the site will display four images as the default output.

2. Select an image: Select one of the generated images, and you’ll be able to view it in a larger size. To switch between the images, simply click on their respective thumbnails. If you right-click on an image, your browser’s menu will appear, offering options to save, copy, or email the selected image.

3. In case you are dissatisfied with any of the suggested images, don’t worry, you can try again. Simply use the same prompt, but click the “Generate image” button once more to see four new images based on your provided description.


Using Hugging Face website

  1. How to generate the image: Hugging Face is another website that utilizes the Stable Diffusion model. When you visit the site, you can enter your image description in the provided prompt section. Additionally, you’ll find a field labeled “Negative prompt,” where you can type text to specify elements you do not wish to be included in the generated image. After typing the prompts, clicking the “Generate Image” button will yield four images as a result.


2. Select an image: Click a specific image to view it. Right-click on the image to save or copy it.


Using DreamStudio

DreamStudio is another website that employs the Stable Diffusion model. However, to access its services, you will need to log in with a supported account. It’s essential to note that DreamStudio provides users with a certain number of free credits that can be used for generating images. Once these credits are depleted, you may need to purchase more to continue using the site.

To get started, navigate to the Stability.AI login page. From there, you have the option to log in using an existing Google or Discord account. Alternatively, you can click the sign-up link at the bottom to create a new account. Upon signing in with your account credentials, you will be directed to the DreamStudio website.

Before generating an image, you’ll have to make a few selections. Firstly, click on the “Model” field and pick the version of Stable Diffusion you prefer, choosing between one of the production versions or the latest beta. Next, select the desired style for your image by clicking on the “Style” field, which offers options like Anime, Photographic, Comic Book, Cinematic, or 3D Model.

Under the “Settings” section, you can adjust the first slider to determine the size of the image. Additionally, you can use the second slider to specify how many images you wish to see as the output.

  1. How to generate the image: Enter your text description into the provided prompt. If there are specific items you want to exclude from the generated image, you can add them to the Negative prompt. Once you’re prepared, click the “Dream” button. As a result, the site will display the specified number of images you selected in the Settings.

2. Select an image: Click an image to see a larger version. Right-click the image to save or copy it.


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