Digi, a novel artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot marketed as “the future of AI Romantic Companionship,” is experiencing a surge in app downloads following its revelation on X.

Recent advancements in generative AI technology have prompted numerous companies to rapidly create apps for various roles in our daily lives. While still a niche market, some companies are venturing into AI-driven virtual companions and digital avatars positioned as virtual girlfriends or boyfriends.

Digi.ai, the company behind this latest attempt to create meaningful romantic connections through technology, allows users to craft avatars of their choice in a preferred style and engage in text-based conversations through an app.

It’s crucial to understand that Digi does not currently respond in a video format, contrary to what the initial launch post suggested. The showcased video represents a “vision” for the creators’ plans regarding avatars and animations, not the present in-app experience, a clarification made by the company on December 18.

Founded in April 2023 by Andrew Young and John Rooney, Digi.ai aims to use its cartoonish style to develop something that “eliminates the uncanny valley while also feeling real, human, and sexy,” according to Andrew’s statements on X.

Andrew, self-identified as a “full-stack engineer and college dropout,” detailed Digi’s features on a social media thread, emphasizing the uniqueness of their approach with Disney or Pixar characters, claiming it’s the first successful attempt in history.

While the announcement drew derision and scorn from many on X, gaining over 22 million views, it has garnered a growing fanbase. Digi currently has hundreds of active users on its Discord channel and holds the #88 position in the Apple App Store’s entertainment section, with over 5,000 downloads via the Google Play Store. However, reviews on the Play Store are harsh, criticizing lag issues, and some users allege that payment is required to engage in sexually explicit chats with the bot.

Responding to technical complaints, the developers acknowledged the unexpected traffic, citing their small team and promptly increasing their server capacity to handle the influx.


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