Owners of the newly-released iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max have raised concerns about overheating problems plaguing these flagship Apple smartphones.

Complaints from users indicate that these devices are recording alarming temperatures, with readings soaring as high as 47 degrees Celsius. Astonishingly, some individuals have reported that their iPhones become so hot to the touch that they can barely handle them, even without protective cases.

For instance, 9to5Mac journalist “Ian Zelbo”, sharing his experience on X (formerly known as Twitter), voiced his concern, saying, “My iPhone 15 Pro Max is almost too hot to touch while fast charging right now.” He added, “I thought people were over exaggerating, but no, this isn’t great. Interestingly, if I’m holding it, the left side rail and a little of the back on the left side is what is the hottest by far… lines up perfectly with the logic board.”


Fast charging was originally introduced by Apple with the iPhone 8 in 2017, enabling users to replenish up to 50 percent of their battery capacity in roughly 30 minutes. However, with the launch of the iPhone 15 series this month, Apple shifted from its proprietary charging cables to a standardized USB-C charger to comply with new European Union regulations.

Mr. Zelbo highlighted that the overheating problem was most severe during fast charging sessions when the battery level was between 25 and 60 percent. Beyond the 70 percent mark, it appeared to cool down somewhat, although it still felt warm in the hand.

Furthermore, some iPhone 15 users have reported experiencing overheating while engaging in activities such as gaming or scrolling through apps. Tech publication Android Authority documented the issue occurring during extended usage sessions, particularly when transitioning between chat apps and social media videos.

Aamir Siddiqui of Android Authority noted that the phone heated up on the right side, along the bottom of the camera area, even without gaming, charging, or being connected to Wi-Fi, leaving the cause of the excessive heat unexplained.

Tests conducted by the Korean YouTube channel BullsLab found that the iPhone 15 registered a temperature of 46.7 degrees Celsius during gaming sessions.

These reports of overheating problems with the iPhone 15 add to concerns raised about the 2020 iPhone 12 model. French regulators have alleged that the iPhone 12 emits harmful levels of radiation, further intensifying scrutiny surrounding Apple’s smartphone offerings.



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