Meta is rolling out its new generative AI features for ad creation after conducting tests with select brand partners over the past five months. These expanded AI elements encompass text variations, background generation, and image expansion tools, all aimed at enhancing creative options in advertising.

These elements leverage generative AI to offer creative possibilities such as suggested post captions, alternative image backgrounds, and generated visuals for various ad formats. This expansion has the potential to significantly streamline the ad creation process.

Meta’s initial testing found that these new AI options not only saved time but also optimized campaign performance. According to Meta, advertisers who participated in the early tests estimated that generative AI could save them five or more hours weekly, equivalent to one month per year. This time-saving is attributed to the ease of creating multiple asset variations with a simple click, reducing the time spent on labor-intensive editing tasks and allowing more focus on strategic work.

Test partners also reported that Meta’s AI ad tools facilitated the rapid development of diverse ad creative variations at scale, ultimately enhancing campaign performance.

One particularly valuable feature is background generation, and Meta is actively working on expanding these options further. Advertisers can look forward to tailored themes, such as outdoor images for athleisure brands, which can be generated in minutes.

Additionally, Meta is venturing into AI tools for business messaging, an area that has seen significant growth. Soon, businesses will have the capability to utilize AI for engaging with customers on platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp. This will assist in commerce, engagement, and support, enabling instant conversational responses. The testing phase with a limited number of businesses is in the Alpha stage, with plans to scale it further next year.

It’s important to note that Meta’s approach to generative AI in ad creation is not about full automation but rather providing recommendations and alternatives. While Meta is also exploring fully automated AI solutions, generative AI tools currently serve as supplementary and assistive tools, complementing human creativity rather than replacing it.


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