In April, India witnessed the debut of AI-generated news anchors, according to the South China Morning Post. One of these AI anchors, known as Lisa, is currently a news presenter on Odisha TV, a local broadcasting station in eastern India.

At first glance, Lisa appears remarkably human-like as a news presenter. However, upon closer observation, the AI’s slow blinking and stuttering motion can be somewhat unsettling. These however does not take away the fact the AI capabilities improving everyday, in another  report, AI-generated scam video: The new trend, Martin Lewis warns

Lisa’s delivery style lacks the natural shifts in tone that a human presenter typically employs, and her voice carries a robotic monotone. Despite some discrepancies in audio and video synchronization, her presentation is deemed serviceable.

Odisha TV’s Twitter account also features videos with Lisa as the presenter.

Although the videos state the presenter’s name, they do not explicitly disclose that Lisa is an AI-generated anchor.

In summary

  1. India now boasts an AI-generated news anchor named Lisa.
  2. On closer examination, Lisa’s slow blinking and stuttering motion proved to be quite disconcerting.
  3. Nevertheless, news presenters may have legitimate concerns about their job security in light of these advancements.

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