ChatGPT 3.5 large language models has been the version powering ChatGPT and Microsoft’s updated Bing search
engine, and now Microsoft is claiming that the new version “ChatGPT 4” will even have more capability and this
version is expected to be lunch as early as next week.

In the recently held event ‘AI in Focus – Digital Kickoff’, Andreas Braun the Microsoft Germany’s CTO siad
“Microsoft will introduce GPT 4 next week, where we will have multimodal models that will offer completely
different possibilities – for example, videos.”

So he is giving the public a clue of what feature the ChatGPT 4 is coming with and what it will be able to do.
It is expected that the ChatGPT 4 will respond to questions in a human-like way but the answers will be in video
format. One can ask the ChatGPT 4 to make a video of anything by just typing some prompt and the IA chatbot will
respond within seconds with the video.

However the implementations of AI comes with a great cost and burden, as observed in the controversial responses
that the ChatGPT incorporated into BING search gave to users, not only did it gave out incorrect information,
but it then argued with the user who pointed out its mistakes, causing Microsoft to hastily intervene and limit
the amount of responses it can provide in a single chat.

Now with video capabilities of the AI ChatGPT, there will definitely be new challenges, such as
– viewers of a particular video may unwittingly find themselves starring in AI generated movies without knowing,
– People could ask ChatGPT to create a video starring a famous celebrity which could be considered as an infringement.

– Copyright infringement: AI generated art has come under close scrutiny over where it gets its samples from.
video contents could likely be the case as well.
More so, content creators, directors and streamers will likely complain of their works being used in AI generated videos without their permisions, especially if those videos are controversial or harmful in any where.

– Pornographic or violent requests from the ChatGPT may become readily more available

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