Discord set to roll out AI-powered CHATGPT like chatbot

Discord last Thursday got its users excited by announcing that it will be rolling outa new feature base on the new generative AI large language models tools just like that of chatGPT that will be able to summarize long conversations or add decorations to a user’s avatar.

Almost all the tech industry are now grip with the fever of Generative AI since the lunch of ChatGPT chatbot which was developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022. This technology can generate images, text and recently video in response to a prompt typed in by users.

In a conversation with the chief executive of San Francisco-based Discord company during a press briefing, he said “We’re seeing one of the most exciting moments in technology emerging” Discord disclosed that the chatbot will be called “Clyde” and will be powered by OpenAI technology.

Discord which allow its users to chat by text, video and voice, also disclosed that it will be empowering its users with the ability to invoke the AI-powered Clyde to answer trivia questions, help schedule meetings, recommend playlists and most especially be able to “remix” their friend’s avatars using generative image models.

The remix feature will enable users to place a crown, cakes, jewelry and other accessories on a person’s head in their profile image to celebrate their birthday. More so, If users have been away from Discord and missed a stream of messages, the AI tool will be able to summaries the conversation and allow users to quickly jump back into the conversation at the point of the message thread they have missed, in order to catch up on the discussion again.

The Discord AI chatbot “Clyde” will be rolled out in a week time, although this will be limited to a few number of Discord groups. The company also said it will be utilizing the OpenAI technology to improve an existing content moderation tool that helps automatically block harmful or unwanted messages from a Discord chat.

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