“We’re Engaged in Constructing Automated Engines for Investment Analysis in Real Estate, Private Equity, Credit, and More

Our ongoing venture involves crafting a series of automated engines designed to revolutionize institutional investment analysis across diverse domains such as real estate, private equity, credit, and beyond. Our ultimate aim is to eventually replace a significant portion of traditional analyst desks with cutting-edge automation.

As you join us to contribute in shaping our innovative product (currently in its early stages), here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:
• At the forefront is a sophisticated ‘manager’ AI that orchestrates interactions between specialized domain-specific AI modules, algorithmic engines, and data sources, ultimately achieving a versatile capacity.
• The platform functions just like a human investment analyst, processing queries spanning all asset classes and using natural language. The input is expertly managed by an LLM (Large Language Model).
• The output is a dynamic blend of numerical, formulaic, tabular, graphical, and textual results.
• The platform dissects the queries into tasks, and our AI architecture devises a tailored process to resolve each query.
• This personalized process encompasses task classification, engine selection, data source selection, linkage between engines and data sources, data cleansing (ETL), user prompt for missing information, and culmination of results into a comprehensive report format.

As we embark on the journey to build this visionary product, we’re taking incremental steps. We’re actively seeking a capable Team Lead who can effectively coordinate and manage a team of Frontend and Backend Developers, Data Scientists, and AI researchers. Additionally, you’ll occasionally step in as a placeholder for frontend, backend, or full-stack development roles as required. A pivotal part of your role will involve implementing a structured delivery process tailored for enterprise-grade AI modules, including effective client communication.

Are you excited about this unique opportunity and confident that it aligns with your expertise and aspirations? Let us know your thoughts and insights by reaching out to ahmed@batonics.com.

Please note, this position may involve occasional travel to Stockholm, Sweden.

Interested candidates are encouraged to explore our platform on our website (www.batonics.com) before applying.”


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