I need recommendation for a Navigation Map Apps for my Android Device

Can anyone recommend some good Navigation Map Apps for my Android Device. I can see many of the navigation maps apps which are available in the Google Play store and from all indication Google maps seems to be the most most popular and used app. Are there other ones that you can recommend for me.

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There are a lot of other Navigation Apps out there that are as good as Google map which you have started correctly that it is the most popular and most used of them all. Well i have got a list of few that I can recommend for you to try.

1. Maps.ME: Maps.me is a one of the fast, and most detailed open-source navigational map app. This app can run even when you are offline. it has got over 140 million users and runs on contributions from millions of OpenStreetMap. Download Maps.ME

2. HERE WeGo: This is simply an easy to use navigational app, which is also free for all to use, with HERE WeGo you can navigate more than 1,900 cities around the world. it has also the voice feature to give you direction and this is handy when you are looking for parking at your destination. Download HERE WeGo.

3. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps: This is a GPS navigational app which is trusted by over 200 million drivers. It offers offline 3D maps and its one of the most downloaded Offline GPS navigation apps. Download Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

2GIS: This is a navigational map that has a touch of every detail, It gives the user the ability to find address, company, phone number, working hours, goods or services or find out how to get there by car, bus, metro, or follow the navigator on foot with detailed directory of the city maps. Download 2GIS

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