How do you use Midjourney AI?

In the realm of artificial intelligence breakthroughs, Midjourney stands as an innovation that has captured the imagination of users across diverse fields. Spearheaded by David Holz, the co-founder of Leap Motion, a pioneering research lab has developed Midjourney—an AI program that possesses the remarkable ability to transform text descriptions into vibrant and engaging images. Since its unveiling through an open beta launch on July 12, 2022, this unique tool has garnered widespread attention for its potential to revolutionize digital creativity.

Unlocking a New Dimension of Creativity

Midjourney AI operates as a creative platform, inviting users to generate an array of captivating worlds, characters, and images. The essence of its function lies in its role as a text2image converter AI tool, seamlessly translating text prompts into visually striking images. This transformative capability has captured the interest of professionals and enthusiasts alike, as it paves the way for innovative creative endeavors.

The Power of Midjourney AI

Central to Midjourney’s appeal is its intuitive integration with Discord—a popular chat platform. Users can engage with the AI through specific commands within a dedicated bot, facilitating a seamless interaction. This fusion of language and imagery serves as a catalyst for fresh avenues of digital creativity, enabling users to harness their imagination with unprecedented ease.

Getting Started with Midjourney AI

Using Midjourney AI is a straightforward process that begins with joining the Midjourney Discord server. Adding the Midjourney Bot to your server is the next step, providing access to the AI’s capabilities. To generate images, users can employ the /imagine command. The AI then takes over, crafting images based on the provided prompts. Once generated, users have the option to review the images, upscale them, or even create new variations.

Why Midjourney Stands Out

Midjourney AI distinguishes itself as an exceptional image generative tool due to its capacity to comprehend and translate any given sentence into a visually captivating artwork. In comparison to other image generative tools like DALLE 2 or Stable Diffusion, Midjourney’s performance stands out as superior, elevating the potential for creating stunning visuals.

Midjourney AI is more than just a technological innovation—it’s a catalyst for artistic exploration and expression. With its ability to seamlessly transform text into captivating images, Midjourney opens doors to new realms of creativity. As users across various domains continue to tap into the potential of Midjourney, it’s clear that the fusion of language and imagery is shaping a transformative landscape in the world of digital creation.

Imagine you tell Midjourney AI , “I want to see Hulk listening music on the roof of NewYork Building.” The program will take that sentence, think about what it means, and then create a unique picture of Hulk listening music on the roof.

To employ the /imagine command within the Midjourney Discord server, you have the option to either join and access a channel designated for newcomers or add the Midjourney bot to your private Discord server, as long as it has fewer than 1,000 members.

For those unfamiliar with the bot, this introductory guide offers assistance in initiating your experience with Midjourney AI on the Discord platform.


1. Join the Discord

Go to, select Join the Beta, or go directly to the Midjourney Discord (

To initiate your journey with Midjourney, begin by visiting their website and selecting the “Join the Beta” option. This action will direct you to a page where you can proceed to Discord and complete the registration process. After successfully registering, you can utilize the web-based Discord interface or opt to download the desktop application.

It’s important to note that Midjourney no longer provides complimentary images. The cost structure for Midjourney involves a fee of $8, granting you access to 200 images. Alternatively, a subscription of $24 per month offers unrestricted image usage.

2. Add Midjourney Bot to your server

You can generate images with the Midjourney Bot on any server that has invited the Bot.

  • Step 1: Create a new Server
  • Step 2: Choose a Name and setup your Discord Server
  • Step 3:Add Midjourney Bot to your server 

3. Use the /imagine Command

About Discord Commands

In order to utilize the Midjourney Bot within Discord, you are required to enter specific commands. These commands serve the purpose of enabling image creation, adjusting default configurations, monitoring user details, and executing various beneficial tasks. To initiate image generation, you can make use of the /imagine command. Subsequently, provide a brief textual description, referred to as a Prompt, to outline the desired image’s characteristics. Following this, the bot will proceed to craft a distinctive image based on the input you’ve provided.

Using /imagine

  1. Type /imagine prompt: in the conversation or select the /imagine command from the slash commands pop-up.
  2. Type a description of the image you want to create in the prompt field.
  3. Click return to send your message.


  • Any image up to PG-13 rating involving fiction, fantasy, mythology.
  • Real images that may be seen as respectful or light-hearted parodies, satire, caricatures
  • Imaginary or exaggerated real-life scenarios, including absurd or humorous situations.


  • Disrespectful, harmful, misleading public figures/events portrayals or potential to mislead.
  • Hate speech, explicit or real-world violence.
  • Nudity or unconsented overtly sexualized public figures.
  • Imagery that might be considered culturally insensitive

4. Processes and Wait for AI to Generate the Image

Wait for Midjourney AI to generate the images based on your description. The Midjourney Bot takes about a minute to generate four options.

Using the Midjourney Bot initiates a free trial, allowing users to perform roughly 25 Jobs.

A Job is any action that utilizes the Bot, including the /imagine command to generate a grid of images, upscale images, or create image variations. To monitor your remaining free trial time, use the /info command to view the Fast Time Remaining.

5. Review the Generated Images – Upscale or Create New Variations

After the initial image grid has finished generating, two rows of buttons appear:

U1 U2 U3 U4

The U button upscale the size of the selected image, producing a larger version with added details.

V1 V2 V3 V4

The “V” button generates slight modifications of the selected image in the grid. This produces a new grid of images that are similar in style and composition to the original selected image.


The 🔁 (re-roll) reruns a Job. In this case it would rerun the original prompt producing a new grid of images.

Send the final image to yourself by using the envelope icon in the chat and save or download the image for future use.

NOTE: The more specific and detailed your description, the better the results will be generated by the Midjourney AI.

With this guide, you can start creating art and images using Midjourney AI in Discord.

Prompt Example:

/imagine prompt: highly detailed photos shot with kodak color, ultra realistic face, a beautiful Indian woman in front of Taj Mahal, 2030s, photo shoot, highly detailed shots, contrast, f/8, wes anderson style, photo of the year –v 5.2


Pan and Zoom Out Upscaled Images

One of the major upgrade in Midjourney 5.2 is that now you can Zoom Out the generated image and Midjourney will automatically generate the zoomed out image based on your prompt and the value of zoom out. Check the example below where I tried to zoom out the image by 2x. You can even pan right, left, up, down to create entire scene. You can get as creative as you can with your prompts.

The upscaled images in the latest Midjourney version (using the U buttons) gives access to extra controls:

  • Vary (Strong) and Vary (Subtle) options, available from Midjourney 5.2, create four variations of the chosen image.
  • Zoom Out 2x and Zoom Out 1.5x options enlarge your image and automatically generate more content based on the original prompt.
  • Custom Zoom allows you to enlarge your image and add an extra prompt simultaneously, such as displaying it as a framed artwork on a wall.
  • The four Pan arrows extend your image in the chosen direction, based on the existing content and original prompt. Once you’ve panned in one direction, you can only continue in the same direction.
  • Make Square transforms a panned image into a square crop.

Experimenting with these options can transform your images into larger scenes.

Zoomed out view at 2x



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