The 18-year-old British individual responsible for some of the most significant cyber breaches in history, including the unauthorized release of substantial portions of GTA 6 footage on the internet, has been sentenced to a lifelong stay in a hospital. A judge determined that he poses an ongoing high risk to public safety. Arion Kurtaj, a teenager diagnosed with autism, managed to infiltrate Rockstar Games while under police protection, utilizing only an Amazon Firestick, a mobile phone, and the television of a Travelodge hotel.

As a member of the online group known as Lapsus$, Kurtaj played a role in multiple high-profile hacks that resulted in cumulative losses exceeding $10 million for companies such as Uber and Nvidia. Despite his autism diagnosis, the judge concluded that Kurtaj’s exceptional hacking skills and his apparent inclination to engage in repeated offenses necessitated his indefinite hospitalization.

During the court proceedings, representatives from Rockstar Games disclosed that the cyber attack had inflicted a minimum recovery cost of $5 million on the company, along with consuming thousands of employee work hours. The issue of hacking has regained prominence in the industry recently, with Insomniac Games falling victim to a severe ransomware attack, leading to the online exposure of terabytes of confidential company data.


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