The Beeper Mini chat app recently released another fix following Apple’s repeated disabling of access to the iMessage platform. According to Beeper, this will be the final fix it releases. In a blog post, the company stated that it is no longer interested in engaging in a “cat-and-mouse game with the largest company” in the world.

The latest workaround is not a straightforward patch; instead, it involves pairing your current mobile device with a Mac or an old iPhone. Users with Beeper Cloud on a Mac should be able to update and reconnect, though not all macOS versions support the software update. Alternatively, users can ask a friend with a Mac and Beeper Cloud to share their iMessage registration code for use with the desktop app.

Another option is to jailbreak an old iPhone (6/6s/7/8/X), install Beeper’s tool to generate an iMessage registration code, and then update to the latest Beeper Mini app to enter the code and access the service. Beeper is also offering the rental and sale of jailbroken iPhones for this purpose, considering that jailbreaking can be confusing for beginners.

Although Beeper claims these fixes are effective and even restore blue phone numbers to the Beeper Mini experience, those without access to a Mac or an old iPhone may face challenges. Beeper assures users that it will retain their chat history if they come across an old device in the future.

This marks the conclusion of a month-long battle between Beeper and Apple, originating from the launch of the Beeper Mini app. The app initially provided genuine iMessage support to Android devices through a software exploit. Shortly after its launch, Apple blocked the exploit, leading Beeper to implement more intricate fixes, including one requiring an official Apple ID and another necessitating a Mac computer. Apple managed to circumvent each of these fixes, prompting US lawmakers to call for a Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation.

If Apple manages to block this final fix, it could spell the end for Beeper Mini. Nevertheless, Beeper has made the software open-source for others interested in experimenting with it. Despite abandoning iMessage integration, the company is determined to enhance its primary chat app, committing to work on it throughout 2024 to make it the “best chat app on Earth.”


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