WhatsApp working to implement new security layer with passkey

For WhatsApp users, there exist various methods to safeguard their accounts, including the utilization of a conventional password and two-factor authentication. Furthermore, a new security alternative is on the horizon, as WhatsApp is currently in the process of introducing passkey support, providing users with an additional means to enhance their account security.

WhatsApp to get passkey support

Numerous apps and websites have already revealed their intentions to introduce passkey support, and WhatsApp might be following suit. Although Meta has not officially disclosed anything, WABetaInfo has uncovered a concealed passkey setup menu in the latest Android beta version of WhatsApp. A message within the menu suggests, “You can now use your fingerprint, face, or screen lock to verify if it’s you with a passkey.”

Regrettably, this feature appears to be in the developmental stages, lacking the option to activate it at present. Nonetheless, this discovery strongly indicates that WhatsApp users could soon be presented with the choice to safeguard their accounts using a passkey as an alternative to a traditional password.

For those not acquainted with the concept, passkey represents a collaborative industry effort aimed at establishing a more secure authentication system. Rather than conventional passwords, users can now authenticate using facial recognition or biometric methods, eliminating the need to formulate and input a standard passcode. This technology was jointly developed by the FIDO Alliance in collaboration with Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

In June, Apple revealed its plans to automatically assign passkeys to Apple ID accounts for users of iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma. Consequently, users will be able to verify their identities on Apple-related websites such as Apple.com and iCloud.com by using their passkey as a credential, obviating the need for password input.

Since iOS 16, users have been able to generate and store passkeys through Safari and iCloud Keychain. Now, with the advent of iOS 17, this same functionality will extend to third-party applications. More recently, both TikTok and the popular password manager 1Password have also announced their support for passkeys.

Unfortunately, there is currently no information available regarding the timing of the WhatsApp update’s release to users.  In othher news, Apple added new feature to Siri and Spotlight


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