Xiaomi President Lu Weibing has announced that the Mix Fold 3 will be released in August. He shared this information in response to a question on Weibo, within the comments of a post discussing Xiaomi’s latest factory upgrade.

The newly launched Smart Factory will begin mass production with the Mix Fold 3 as its inaugural model. Extensive upgrades have been made to the manufacturing systems to ensure that the Mix Fold 3 is thinner and stronger than its predecessor. Additionally, the device will feature cameras branded by Leica, which comes as no surprise.

Last year, the Mix Fold 2 was launched in August, establishing a pattern for the release of new Xiaomi foldable devices. The previous model measured 11.2mm in thickness when folded, which was already impressive. However, Xiaomi has managed to make the Mix Fold 3 even thinner than that.

Unfortunately, a recent rumor suggests that the Mix Fold 3 will likely be limited to the Chinese market, similar to its predecessor, without an official international launch. While this is disappointing, it has become a trend for Chinese companies to be hesitant about expanding the availability of their foldable devices beyond their home market. This situation benefits only Samsung, while consumers lose out.

According to rumors, the Mix Fold 3 is expected to come with an under-display selfie camera on the main folding screen, a 5x periscope zoom lens on the rear, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset as the main processor, and support for 50W wireless charging.


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