A pair of the HTC Vive XR Elite is the next generation of VR and AR, reason being that it has got small bug-eyed, glossy goggles that are foldable and within a self-contained mixed reality. The HTC Vive XR Elite comes with a battery pack strap, VR controllers and optional an adapter.

The HTC Vive XR Elite is so small that it could be weared over an eye glass thus wearing it alone gives the user the feel of putting on glasses and this experience is far better off that of the Meta’s Quest Pro.

HTC has taken one step in the right direction to evolve the VR hardware, which many VR or AR hardware tech company may follow suit. The Vive XR Elite is a VR headset that can do “mixed reality” that is, it is able to blend the video captured from real world with its cameras and gets it overlaid with VR objects, there by giving the user a mixed reality experiences.

Although, Vive XR Elite is not the only VR headset that is expected to give users the Mix reality experence, Apple and Meta are expected to release their mixed-reality device any time soon. However this will lead to competition and prices may be lower for the headset as currently the Vive XR Elite VR headset is sold for $1,099.

According to Scott Stein, who has used the new HTC Vive XR Elite, he stated that “I tested the Vive XR Elite over the course of a week, using the device with a number of apps and games in standalone mode, both in VR and in mixed reality modes using the passthrough cameras. I used the controllers, but also the onboard hand tracking. The XR Elite also works as a connected PC VR headset, but for the purposes of my time with the device I focused more on what it can do on its own. I wore it over my own glasses, and didn’t put in contact lenses and use the prescription-adjusting lenses included. I used HTC’s own adapter to fit the hardware over my glasses, to see how that would feel.”

From his experience, he prefered the Quest Pro’s software and OS more, which feel more polished, and the Quest’s app library also outshines what Vive has.

Well, it is believed that there are still room for improvement of VR or AR headset as technology improve. With more VR or AR headset expected from big tech company, there is no doubt that users will be left with different options.

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