Meta is set to roll out a new feature on its Virtual Reality (VR) Quest head set, after the completion of its testing process, which is fundamental in the upgrading of its Quest VR.

The new feature will allow users to “Tap and scroll on virtual elements by the use of their hands”. this is to bring the already familiarised ways of operating smarthphone into the virtual environment. Actions such as swiping up and down a page, pressing or clicking on a button to activate or execute an action, or typing on an onscreen keyboard, using just your fingers in the air.

This new feature by Meta is called “Direct Touch” and will be included in the upcoming update for the Quest v50 software. According to the design, when the hand tracking on the Quest 2 VR is turn on, the VR uses its external-facing cameras to follow your hands direction. The hand is then represented inside the headset as a dark hand-like shadows.
In a video of Direct touch, the CEO of Meta “Mark Zuckerberg” demonstrated how the direct touch of the Virtual Reality (VR) Quest head set works.

However, according to some of the users who are currently testing this new feature, the following cons was observed. This include

– Typing with Direct Touch: During typing, when a user tap on a part of the UI to input text, the Quest’s onscreen keyboard pops up under the window, and one can then “press” individual keys to spell things out. However, since there’s no physical place to rest your hands or fingers on, it becomes hard to have any idea of where, or what you’re actually typing. Although the keyboard does suggest words as you’re typing, which can be very helpful.

– Built in Quest Apps: Most of the apps where unstable using the Direct touch on them. Even the Meta’s own Horizon Worlds VR social network, haven’t been updated to work with the direct touch controls and will not even open unless you are using the Quest controller.

– Others users also noted that the scrolling on the Quest web browser is not very smooth using the Direct Touch controls.

However, looking at the bright side of this technology, it takes away the Quest controller.  When users needs to move around
with the headset on and still doing the things in the virtual world, It actually gives you this feeling from a
Sci-fi movie. Once Meta perfect this Direct touch feature, many users will find it continent and truly satisfying.



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