TikTok screen time is set to be capped to 60 minutes for under 18s

The Chinese-owned social media giant ‘TikTok’ has announced that in the coming weeks, the screen time for users under 18 will automatically be limit to 60 minutes daily.

Tiktok has made this restriction as a default features in the app and the aim is to improve the wellbeing of the teens who uses the app.

According to Tiktok, the restriction is set automatically for any user who is under 18 years old, their screen time is capped at 60-minute daily. If a user decide to bypass the restriction by turn off this new default limit on their app, and spend more than 100 minutes on TikTok in a day, Tiktok will prompt them with a notification to set a daily screen time limit for themselves.

Tiktok also went on to talk about the efficiency of the system managing the restriction, stating that in the first month of testing, this approach increased the use of its screen time management tools by 234%.

More so, the feature will allow the user under 18 years old to receive weekly notifications with recap of their screen time for that week. Also the feature will be extended to enable other users to customize screen time limits for each day of the week and a schedule to mute notifications.

In addition to this, the feature will give parent the ability to set a custom daily screen time limit for their teens, which can be adjusted each day of the week.

Now on the tiktok app, there will be a screen time dashboard that will provide care givers with summaries of time spent on the app, the number of times TikTok was opened, and a breakdown of the total time spent during the day and night.

Parents will be able to also set a custom schedule to mute their kids’ TikTok notifications.


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