Meta has extended the max video length of its facebook Reels to 90 seconds. This was announced on the 3rd of March along with some new creative tools. Before the announcement, Reels videos length was limited to just 60 seconds.

Meta which also owns instagram, made similar changes to the instagram Reel video a few month back, setting the limit also to 90 seconds. This extension is liken to that of TikTok’s move of increasing its videos length up to 10 minutes recently instead of 3 minute.

More so, Meta announced new features in the creative tools collection, These features include
1.  A new templates feature that will allow users create Reels with trending templates, this templets are similar to TikTok’s own templating option.
2.  Grooves feature that will automatically aligns and syncs the motion in your video to the beat of your favorite song through visual beat technology. This feature is also on instagram Reels as it was first rolled out last year. It is believed that Meta was experimenting with this new feature to see how the feature were being used on Instagram Reels before bringing them over to Facebook Reels.

Meta launched Reels last year on Facebook in a move that was seen as an urgent response to the TikTok threat.

According to Meta, ” Reels is its fastest growing format and that it continues to grow quickly. Reels plays across Facebook and Instagram have more than doubled over the last year,” more so, “Reshares of Reels have more than doubled on Facebook and Instagram in the last six months.”

Meta hope to roll out more new features on both facebook and instagram that will enable creators to be actively involved.

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