Excitement is building as tech enthusiasts eagerly anticipate Google’s upcoming launch event for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. While the official release is still a few months away, an intriguing glimpse into the Pixel 8 Pro’s features has surfaced through an unofficial promotional video. The video not only reveals design changes but also introduces an innovative technology known as “Audio Magic Eraser.” Although the video’s authenticity is questioned due to its source, it provides valuable insights into what Google has in store for its latest flagship devices.

Design Evolution

One of the most noticeable changes in the Pixel 8 Pro is its refined design. The smartphone boasts a rounder shape compared to its predecessor, giving it a fresh and modern look. But the design overhaul doesn’t stop there. The video showcases a significant alteration in the camera setup – a single piece of glass that elegantly covers all the rear-facing cameras. This departure from the previous two-part layout seen in the Pixel 7 Pro suggests that Google is striving for a sleeker and more cohesive design.

Adding to the aesthetics, the Pixel 8 Pro introduces a captivating blue color option, reminiscent of the popular ‘Sea’ variant that debuted with the Pixel 7a. Additionally, the smartphone’s sides are adorned with matte or satin finishes, aimed at minimizing unsightly fingerprint smudges, addressing a common gripe among smartphone users.

Innovative “Audio Magic Eraser”

(Image source: @EZ8622647227573)
(Image source: @EZ8622647227573)

One of the most intriguing aspects revealed in the promotional video is the new “Audio Magic Eraser” technology. This feature is designed to tackle the age-old issue of unwanted background noise during audio recordings. The video provides a glimpse of the feature’s user interface, showcasing sliders labeled ‘Music,’ ‘Noise,’ and ‘People.’ These sliders can be adjusted to tailor the impact of the Audio Magic Eraser, offering users the ability to customize their audio quality according to their preferences.

(Image source: @EZ8622647227573)
(Image source: @EZ8622647227573)

What’s particularly interesting is that Audio Magic Eraser is set to be an exclusive feature for the Pixel 8 series at launch. However, there’s a tantalizing hint that this technology might eventually become available on other devices through the Google Photos video editor, akin to the expansion of the Magic Eraser feature for photos. This potential expansion could revolutionize the way users handle audio recordings and editing on a broader range of smartphones.

In a 14-second video, shared by the Twitter account @EZ8622647227573, which the legitimacy has not been confirmed, and the account is not a well-known or reliable source of leaks. This video shows what the leak Pixel 8 series looks like, however caution is advised despite the video seeming genuine.

Anticipated Launch and Beyond

As the Pixel 8 series continues to generate excitement, the launch event is expected to take place in the autumn. This launch timeline aligns with the speculated unveiling of the Pixel Watch 2, which promises to add another dimension of innovation to Google’s lineup. As the tech world eagerly awaits more information, it’s clear that Google is once again aiming to redefine user experiences with its flagship devices.

The Pixel 8 Pro is shaping up to be a worthy successor to its predecessors, boasting a redesigned exterior and groundbreaking technology in the form of “Audio Magic Eraser.” While the authenticity of the promotional video is under scrutiny, the glimpses it provides into the Pixel 8 Pro’s features and capabilities have certainly ignited anticipation among tech enthusiasts. As the autumn launch event draws closer, the tech community eagerly awaits the official unveiling of the Pixel 8 series and the potential game-changing “Audio Magic Eraser” technology.

source:@EZ8622647227573 via 9to5Google@ishanagarwal24@stufflistings@TECHINFO45 & @yabhishekhd

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