Recent reports indicate that Samsung is venturing beyond its Galaxy Z Fold series of smartphones and is actively working on a distinctive foldable tablet. The news comes from an interview with Samsung’s mobile chief, T.M. Roh, featured in The Independent (as reported by The Verge) on July 28. Roh confirmed that the tech giant is indeed in the process of creating foldable tablets and laptops.

Discussing the potential for a foldable Android tablet from Samsung, Roh drew parallels with how people open books to read and notebooks to jot down ideas. He emphasized the natural inclination for compactness and portability, as well as safeguarding valuable information by folding up these devices. Roh unequivocally verified the company’s ongoing efforts in developing this foldable tablet concept.

Roh highlighted Samsung’s commitment to extending the innovations witnessed in smartphones to the realm of tablets and laptops. He affirmed the company’s significant investment in these endeavors and disclosed their focus on establishing the foundational technology required for foldable tablets and laptops. The objective is to introduce these products once they meet the criteria for meaningful consumer innovation.

Furthermore, Roh stressed the essential balance between slimness and sturdiness for a foldable tablet, ensuring it remains highly portable yet robust in utility.

Leak and patent speculations surrounding Samsung’s foldable tablet have been circulating. A source had initially suggested a potential launch within the year, perhaps alongside the Galaxy Tab S9 series. Though the initial prediction didn’t materialize, it’s now evident that a foldable Samsung tablet is indeed in the developmental pipeline.

Hints from a Samsung patent, dubbed the “Galaxy Z Fold Tab,” have added fuel to the rumors. Renders based on this patent depict a multi-folding device with versatile displays that can bend both inward and outward. It’s worth noting that while patents often don’t culminate in actual products, this development showcases Samsung’s interest in pushing technological boundaries.

As the excitement builds, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate more insights from Samsung itself or from credible leakers as the tablet inches closer to production. Stay tuned for updates on this captivating innovation from one of the tech industry’s leaders.

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