According to reports, it has been suggested that Apple is planning to introduce new color options for its upcoming iPhone models. In February, it was initially rumored that the “exclusive” color for the iPhone 15 Pro would be a dark red shade. Now, another source on Weibo has corroborated this information and also mentioned that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will be available in a new green color.

This latest rumor comes from an account on Weibo that accurately predicted the “deep purple” color option for the iPhone 14 Pro. The account also correctly reported a slight redesign of the camera flash cutout on the back of the device.

According to this source, the color for the iPhone 15 Pro is described as “crimson.” It is expected to be slightly lighter than the deep purple color of the iPhone 14 Pro but still have a rich, deep tone.

As for the green color option for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, it is said to resemble the green shades previously seen on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11. These models featured a mint-like green color that was not carried over to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14.

In addition to these color options, previous reports have suggested that Apple is testing light blue and pink for the entry-level models of the iPhone 15 lineup.

The color choices for the iPhone 15 Pro models are particularly intriguing because there have been rumors of Apple using titanium for the construction of these devices. Apple has been using titanium in its Apple Watch for several years, offering coatings in “natural” and “space black.”

Before the release of new iPhone models, Apple typically tests multiple color options. However, with the transition to titanium, Apple will need to perfect the coating process for this material, taking into account factors such as yield rates, production time, and costs.

At present, it seems that the planned color for the iPhone 15 Pro is the deep red shade mentioned earlier. Further details and official confirmation from Apple are awaited.


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