Windows 10 users often find themselves looking for user-friendly tools to edit videos. While dedicated video editing software may come to mind, Microsoft PowerPoint can be a surprisingly effective tool for basic video cropping. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps on how to crop videos on Windows 10 using PowerPoint.

1. Inserting the Video into PowerPoint:

The first step is to open PowerPoint and create a new slide or use an existing one. To insert your video, navigate to the Insert tab and select “Video” from the options. Choose your desired video file and click “Insert.”

2. Cropping the Video:

Once your video is on the slide, select it and a new tab called “Video Format” will appear. Click on this tab, and you’ll find the “Crop” option. Choose “Crop” to open the cropping handles around the video. Drag these handles to adjust the cropping area until you’re satisfied with the result. Remember, the cropped portion is what will be visible in the final video.

3. Adjusting Size on the Slide:

After cropping, you can freely resize and reposition the video on the slide. This step is crucial, as the final exported video will mirror the appearance of the slide. Ensure that the video is placed and sized exactly how you want it in the exported file.

4. Exporting the Video:

To export the edited video, go to the “File” tab and select “Export.” From the options, choose “Create a Video.” This will open a dialog box where you can set the video quality and resolution.

5.  Setting Resolution and Creating the Video:

In the “Create a Video” dialog box, choose your preferred resolution from the dropdown menu. Higher resolutions will result in better video quality but larger file sizes. Once you’ve made your selection, click on “Create Video.”

6. Selecting Export Location:

Another dialog box will appear where you can choose the location on your computer where you want to save the exported video. After selecting the destination, click “Save” and wait for PowerPoint to write the video file. The time it takes to export depends on the length and complexity of your video.

7. Finalizing the Export:

Once the export is complete, you’ll have a cropped and edited video file ready for use. Play the exported video to ensure it looks the way you want, as it will retain the appearance of the slide during playback, including any areas not covered by the video.

In conclusion, Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows 10 provides a simple yet effective solution for basic video cropping. By following these steps, users can quickly and easily edit videos without the need for dedicated video editing software. This method is especially useful for those who require basic edits and do not want to invest time and effort into mastering more complex video editing tools.


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