I need assistance, how can I integrate the Adcash code on my WordPress and Blogspot website. Thanks.

This is one of the questions asked on Ecliks platform recently, and we want to share the answers with your all. Feel free to share this if you find it useful.

i will take your question in bits, starting with that of wordpress. 

To integrate the adcash ads code into your wordpress, 

1. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard, Click Plugins > Add new

2. Search for Advanced Ads and install the plugin,

3. Click on Activate

4. NEXT: Find your newly installed plugin in the dashboard menu and click on it.

5. Go to Ads and click New Ad.

6. Enter the title, choose Plain Text and Code, and select Next.

7. How to insert the JS script provided in the Adcash publisher’s panel into the code box and select Next and Next again.

8. At this stage, your ad has been created. Now you need to insert your newly created Ad into your website. Go to Placement and Click on New Placement.

1. Choose the placement type. Choose the position best for your requirements and the ad format that you are inserting.

2. Give this placement a name. Choose Ad name that you just created in the previous step.


3. Choose the Ad or Group. Choose the Ad from the Dropdown, for this placement.

Please Note.


Adcash Js scripts are asynchronous which enable tags to be loaded immediately when a web page is loaded, without affecting the user experience of the website for visitors.


As for the blogspot, you will have to add new widget at the location where you want the ads to be displayed, though it all depends on the theme you are using. Also you can chose to place it at header, footer or post body. Make sure to put the particular js code on your website.

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