Parents looking to balance technology with physical activity for their children will soon have a new ally in the Fitbit Ace LTE. Set to launch on June 5, this innovative smartwatch from Google’s Fitbit division is designed for kids aged 7 and up. Combining fun, fitness, and safety, the Ace LTE is poised to transform the way families approach exercise and communication. But what exactly sets this smartwatch apart? Let’s explore its unique features and how it aims to make fitness enjoyable for kids while providing parents with peace of mind.

Transforming Exercise into Play

Gamified Fitness with Fitbit Arcade

The Fitbit Ace LTE goes beyond traditional fitness tracking by turning exercise into an engaging game. It comes loaded with fully immersive, interactive 3D games, each specifically designed for the device using haptics, sounds, and the accelerometer. These games, part of the Fitbit Arcade, will be updated with fresh content every few months, ensuring that kids remain entertained and motivated to stay active. The innovative “Noodle” activity ring on the home screen tracks various movements, from jumping on the bed to having a sibling dance-off, celebrating when kids reach their daily move goals.

New Movement Algorithm for Kids

Developed by the Google Research team, the Ace LTE uses a new movement algorithm tailored to kids. This algorithm accurately measures children’s physical activity throughout the day and encourages all types of movement, ensuring that every form of play counts towards their fitness goals. By recognizing and rewarding diverse physical activities, the Ace LTE promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for kids in a way that’s both fun and effective.

Ensuring Safety and Privacy

Parent-Controlled Connectivity

One of the standout features of the Fitbit Ace LTE is its focus on safety and privacy. The smartwatch allows for reliable calling, messaging, and location sharing, but only with parent-approved contacts. Parents can monitor their child’s real-time location and activity data through the Fitbit Ace app. Importantly, location data is deleted after 24 hours, and activity data is erased after a maximum of 35 days, ensuring that sensitive information is not stored long-term. There are no ads or third-party apps, providing a secure environment for children.

Customizable Eejies

To keep kids engaged, the Ace LTE introduces “eejies,” customizable creatures that thrive on daily activities. As kids reach their movement goals, their eejie becomes healthier and happier. Children can earn arcade tickets by completing daily activities, which can be used to customize their eejie’s appearance and home. This feature adds a layer of personalization and motivation, making fitness fun and interactive.

Stylish and Functional Design

Fitbit Ace LTE is a new smartwatch for kids, available on June 5

Collectible Bands and Customization

The Fitbit Ace LTE isn’t just about functionality; it’s also about style. The smartwatch comes with six collectible bands, each unlocking different items, styles, rooms, and Noodles when attached to the watch for the first time. These bands, sold separately, allow kids to personalize their devices and look forward to new releases regularly. This continuous stream of new bands ensures that the smartwatch remains fresh and exciting.

Durable and Water-Resistant

Designed to withstand the active lifestyle of kids, the Ace LTE is water-resistant up to 50 meters and features a durable, high-resolution display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The device measures 41.04 x 44.89 x 13.35 mm and weighs just 28g without the band, making it comfortable for all-day wear. Its 328 mAh battery lasts more than 16 hours on a single charge and recharges fully in just 70 minutes, ensuring that the watch is ready to go at all times.

Advanced Features for Modern Kids

Fitbit Ace LTE is a new smartwatch for kids, available on June 5

Fitbit Ace App and Parental Controls

The new Fitbit Ace app is an essential companion for the smartwatch, offering parents a way to see their child’s real-time location, as well as call, send, and receive text and voice messages. The app allows parents to add trusted contacts and manage settings like School Time to eliminate distractions during class. This level of control ensures that the smartwatch is both a fun gadget for kids and a reliable tool for parents.

Future-Proof with Tap to Pay

Looking ahead, the Fitbit Ace LTE will soon support Tap to Pay, allowing kids to have safe and easy access to pocket money. This feature, expected to roll out “in a couple of months,” will add another layer of convenience for families, making the smartwatch not just a fitness tracker but also a practical tool for everyday use.

Pricing and Availability

Fitbit Ace LTE is a new smartwatch for kids, available on June 5

Affordable Data Plans and Special Offers

The Fitbit Ace LTE comes with the Fitbit Ace Pass data plan, priced at $9.99 per month or $119.99 annually. There’s a special offer for those who subscribe by August 31, with the annual plan available at half price and including a free collectible Ace Band valued at $34.99. The smartwatch itself is priced at $229.95 and will be available exclusively from the Google Store and Amazon starting June 5. This competitive pricing makes the Ace LTE an attractive option for families looking to invest in a smart, fun, and safe device for their children.

Conclusion: A Smart Investment for Active Families

The Fitbit Ace LTE is more than just a smartwatch; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to foster a healthy, active, and connected lifestyle for kids. With its blend of gamified fitness, robust safety features, stylish design, and future-proof functionalities, the Ace LTE sets a new standard for children’s wearables. Launching on June 5, this innovative device promises to bring joy to kids and peace of mind to parents, making it a must-have for families committed to combining fun and fitness.

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