D-ID AI Tool: How to use D-ID AI Tool to generate talking video from single picture

D-ID is an AI-generated video creation platform that makes creating high-quality, cost-effective, and engaging videos from plain text easy and fast. Its Creative Reality™ Studio is powered by Stable Diffusion and GPT-3 and can output videos in over 100 languages without any technical knowledge.

D-ID’s Live Portrait feature creates videos from a single photo and Speaking Portrait provides a voice to text or audio. Its API is trained on tens of thousands of videos to produce photorealistic results.

D-ID has been used by leading marketing agencies, production companies, and social media platforms to create stunning videos at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods and has won awards from Digiday, SXSW, and TechCrunch.

How to get stated with D-ID AI tool

1. visit the website https://www.d-id.com/
2. click on signup, you can signup with your google or facebook account
3. Verify your email if you are signing up with an email.

How to create you video by selecting the face to animate

There are three ways to animate faces on the Creative Reality™ Studio

  1. Select from one of the existing pre-made avatars
  2. Upload a facial image
  3. Use our Stable Diffusion-powered text-to-image portrait generator – Image prompting is a mix of art and science. Our image-generating software is optimized to produce faces that can be animated in the studio, but there is a lot of room for creativity. To get started, we suggest you select one of the pre-created prompts and try out variations of those. Alternatively, try searching for prompts and inspiration on Lexica or numerous prompt-building platforms available online.

How to Get the avatars/image to talk

There are three ways to add voice to your video

  1. Type the script you want the avatar to speak in the designated text box. Alternatively, you can use the GPT-3 text generator to write an automated script
  2. Upload a voice recording
  3. Clone your voice. This service is only offered to Enterprise customers

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