Can Google Maps show speed Limit in certain areas? How do i see this on my map while driving?

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Yes Google Maps can show you speed Limit in certain areas as you drive along. However a lot of drivers don’t really know of this new feature by Google it her map. Google map  allows you to navigate, shows you traffic details and other details too such as speed Limit.

How to See Speed Limit On Google Map

If you are using an Android device (Phones and Tablets), follow the steps below

1. Open the Google Maps on your Android device (phone or tablet)

2. Once the map is up and running, click on the profile picture in your Google Maps at the top right.

3. A drop down menu will appear with a list of options. click on the option called Settings

4. Once you have clicked on the setting option, scroll down the Navigational settings option listed and click on it

5. Under the Navigation settings, you will be able to see the speed limit. In this section, you can play with the options to show the speed limit on maps.

For iOS users

If you are using an iOS (iPhone/iPad), the steps are similar with a little difference on the location of the settings

1. On your iOS device, open the Google Maps and then click on the profile picture.

2. This will drop down the Settings menu. On the menu, select Settings.

3. When the settings open, select the Navigation option, this is listed under the Getting around section.

4.In the Navigation settings, you will be able to enable the speed limit settings for Google Maps.

NOTE: If you go through this steps and you cant find the option to enable the speed limit, know that Google is yet to activate it for your account.

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