Martin Lewis, the well-known consumer finance expert with a significant Twitter following, has raised concerns about a new AI-generated scam advertisement for an investment app. Lewis, the founder of Money Saving Expert, warned that vulnerable individuals could lose money and suffer significant harm due to the misleading advertisement.

The ad, reportedly circulated on Facebook, features a deepfake video that seemingly shows Lewis endorsing an investment scheme supported by Elon Musk. The video appears to depict Lewis speaking on the daytime show “This Morning” from his home, stating that Musk’s project offers new opportunities for British citizens.

Reacting to the deepfake video, Lewis expressed his alarm at the use of this technology to manipulate his face and voice, resulting in attempts to tarnish his reputation and deceive people online. He described the situation as frightening, highlighting that it is the first time he has been targeted in such a video scam. Lewis called on the government and regulators to take action to prevent big tech companies from publishing these dangerous deepfake videos, as they can lead to financial losses and negatively impact lives.

In an interview with the BBC, Lewis expressed his dismay at the attempts to damage his reputation and defraud vulnerable individuals. He stressed the need for stronger regulation of scam advertisements and greater protection for victims of financial crimes. Lewis criticized the current lack of significant fines imposed on tech giants that profit from publishing fraudulent advertisements.

Meta, the company that owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, is collaborating with Stop Scams UK to assist victims and remove scams as soon as they are identified. Meta stated that it is investigating the appearance of the video involving Martin Lewis on Facebook, taking steps to address the issue.

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