The silver lady AI prompt

To generate the above image type, use the prompt below. This prompt will give the same result or you can add more variables to the prompt to make it unique to what your idea is. Prompt source: Annalisa Carabaio

create a bold colourful abstract glossy airbrush pic of a beautiful black woman side profile with hair a high updo, teal, silver and light blue chinese dress, prominent lashes and brows, large light blue circle earrings, and a soft sultry facial expression, clear lipgloss, light makeup, color pallet containing grey-light blue, silver-teal, white-blush blue, in the background with a beautiful jasmin teal and white flowers holding a grey fan with light blue jasmin flowers. Raining silver glitter dust.

You can use any of the AI tool

  • Midjourney
  • Leonerdo
  • Bing
  • playground


By 4niso

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