Infinix has teamed up with BMW Group Designworks to bring a new twist to its Note 40 series with the Racing Edition. With an aim to captivate young tech enthusiasts, this partnership promises to blend cutting-edge technology with the high-octane spirit of BMW’s legendary racing heritage. But does the Infinix Note 40 Series Racing Edition deliver on this promise? Let’s dive in and explore.

Description of the Product

The Infinix Note 40 Series Racing Edition is an aesthetic marvel designed to appeal to the young and dynamic demographic. This limited edition lineup includes the Note 40 4G, Note 40 5G, Note 40 Pro 4G, Note 40 Pro 5G, and the Note 40 Pro+. While these models share the same robust hardware as their standard counterparts, they distinguish themselves with a unique design inspired by BMW’s racing legacy. From exclusive wallpapers to a customized user interface, every aspect of these smartphones is tailored to evoke the thrill of the racetrack.

Specifications and Features

  • Models Available: Note 40 4G, Note 40 5G, Note 40 Pro 4G, Note 40 Pro 5G, Note 40 Pro+
  • Price Range: $209 – $329
  • Design Partner: BMW Group Designworks
  • Special Features: Wings of Speed design, BMW’s tri-color racing symbols, exclusive wallpapers, and customized UI

Design and Display

The standout feature of the Infinix Note 40 Series Racing Edition is undoubtedly its design. The collaboration with BMW Group Designworks has resulted in a back cover that captures the essence of speed and legend. The Wings of Speed design, created using advanced UV transfer printing, adds a dynamic and vibrant look to the phone. The tri-color racing symbols are a nod to BMW’s iconic motorsport history, giving the device a premium and sporty appearance.

The display across all models features a large, vibrant screen ideal for immersive viewing experiences. Although the exact specifications of the display vary slightly between models, they all promise a high-definition, colorful, and fluid visual experience that is perfect for gaming, streaming, and everyday use.


Infinix Note 40 Series Racing Edition launched in partnership with BMW Group Designworks

Photography enthusiasts will find the camera capabilities of the Infinix Note 40 Series Racing Edition impressive. While the hardware remains consistent with the standard models, the Racing Edition’s design enhancement makes it feel like you’re capturing moments with a premium device. The camera setup typically includes a high-resolution main sensor, complemented by ultra-wide and macro lenses, ensuring versatility in capturing a variety of scenes.

Hardware and Software

Under the hood, the Racing Edition models are powered by robust processors that ensure smooth performance across all applications. Whether you’re multitasking, gaming, or streaming, these devices can handle it all with ease. The phones come with ample RAM and storage options, ensuring that users have enough space and speed for their needs.

On the software front, the customized UI inspired by the energy of a racetrack provides a unique user experience. This special edition UI not only looks good but also enhances usability with intuitive design and seamless navigation.


Connectivity is a critical aspect of any smartphone, and the Infinix Note 40 Series Racing Edition does not disappoint. With options for both 4G and 5G models, users can choose the connectivity that best suits their needs and regional availability. These devices ensure fast and stable internet connections, making them perfect for streaming, gaming, and browsing on the go.


The display on the Infinix Note 40 Series Racing Edition is designed to impress. With high resolution and vibrant color reproduction, the screens are perfect for a variety of multimedia content. Whether you’re watching a movie, playing a game, or browsing social media, the display quality enhances the overall experience. The larger screen size across the series also makes for comfortable viewing and interaction.


Storage options for the Racing Edition are generous, ensuring that users have enough space for their apps, photos, videos, and other data. With internal storage options that can be expanded via microSD, these phones provide flexibility for users who need extra space.

Network Support, Internet & Connectivity

The Infinix Note 40 Series Racing Edition supports a wide range of network bands, ensuring reliable connectivity in various regions. Both 4G and 5G models offer fast internet speeds, which are essential for modern smartphone users. Additionally, the devices come with the latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, ensuring seamless connectivity with other devices and networks.


Battery life is a crucial factor for any smartphone user, and the Infinix Note 40 Series Racing Edition excels in this department. Equipped with robust batteries that support fast charging, these devices are designed to keep up with the demands of active users. Whether you’re gaming, streaming, or browsing, the battery life ensures that you stay connected throughout the day.


The Infinix Note 40 Series Racing Edition, born from the collaboration with BMW Group Designworks, is more than just a smartphone—it’s a statement. Combining high performance with a distinctive design inspired by the thrill of racing, it offers a unique proposition in the crowded smartphone market.

With prices ranging from $209 to $329, the Racing Edition provides excellent value for money. It caters to young tech enthusiasts who crave speed, style, and functionality. Whether you choose the 4G or 5G variant, you are assured of a device that stands out both in performance and aesthetics.

Infinix’s partnership with BMW Group Designworks has resulted in a smartphone that not only meets the demands of today’s tech-savvy users but also delivers a touch of luxury and exclusivity. The Infinix Note 40 Series Racing Edition is a testament to how effective collaborations can push the boundaries of innovation and design. As these phones hit the global market, they are sure to accelerate into the hands and hearts of young tech enthusiasts everywhere.

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