The Quest 2 offers a significant advantage with its well-balanced compromises, including the slightly underclocked XR2 chip system. This enables a battery runtime of two to three hours. According to Meta’s recent confirmation, the upcoming Quest 3 is expected to have a similar battery life.

During an AMA Q&A session on July 10, 2023, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Andrew Bosworth responded to a question about the battery runtime of the upcoming Quest 3. He stated that customers can anticipate a duration comparable to the Quest 2 before the headset requires recharging. Bosworth mentioned, “About the same as Quest 2, plus or minus. And I think we’re always able to continue to work on and improve it, and of course, it varies based on what you’re using it for.”

Confirmation of Quest 3 Battery Life

The battery life of the upcoming Quest 3 has been confirmed. The new Snapdragon chip, developed in collaboration with Qualcomm, is set to deliver over double the GPU performance compared to the Snapdragon XR2 in the Quest 2. To accommodate this increased efficiency, the battery may require a slightly larger capacity.

During an AMA session, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Bozworth addressed a question regarding ongoing update support for Meta’s premium VR headset, Quest Pro. Bozworth reassured the questioner that Meta is committed to continually improving all their headsets over time.

Meta expressed satisfaction with the performance updates introduced in June for the Quest 2 and Quest Pro. They remain dedicated to enhancing their current VR headsets through software improvements, as mentioned by Bosworth.

Furthermore, Meta is presently rolling out “Quest Super Resolution” for the platform with the Quest Update v55. This update offers developer options to enhance graphics sharpness. The rollout has been occurring gradually since late June and may not be available everywhere at the moment. For the complete AMA, you can follow the link provided on Bozworth’s Instagram page.

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