Google has reportedly made a significant advancement in quantum computing with the development of a new quantum computer that can perform calculations almost instantaneously. This remarkable speed surpasses the capabilities of even the most powerful supercomputers, which would take 47 years to complete the same calculations. The machine boasts an increased qubit count of 70, compared to 53 in its predecessor from 2019, resulting in an exponential boost in computing power. In fact, the new model is estimated to be 241 million times more powerful than its predecessor.

The potential of quantum computers to revolutionize various fields, such as climate science and drug discovery, is widely acknowledged. However, they also present challenges to current encryption systems, making them a matter of great concern for national security.

Despite this significant achievement, critics argue that quantum computers need to demonstrate more practical utility beyond academic research. The field of quantum computing, which relies on harnessing the peculiar states of quantum physics, remains both controversial and rapidly evolving.


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