Experience the Future: Meta Introduces Horizon Worlds Beta Test for Mobile Devices

Embark on the next evolution of Meta’s metaverse as we unveil the Horizon Worlds beta test for mobile devices. Apply now to join this exclusive opportunity and gain access to our cutting-edge VR social environment from your mobile device. Horizon Worlds on mobile mirrors the ease of gaming apps, empowering users to effortlessly guide their avatars and engage with other VR players in an immersive digital realm.

While our VR avatars are still working on their legs, mobile players have a distinct advantage. Meta is diligently fine-tuning the presentation and addressing variations to ensure a seamless experience. The introduction of Horizon Worlds on mobile opens doors for a wider audience to immerse themselves in our advanced digital universe, set to become the cornerstone of our innovative social interaction drive.

Meta envisions users embracing novel ways to engage through avatars, spanning a spectrum of activities, thereby propelling the broader metaverse encounter and catalyzing expanded VR adoption. Our approach aligns with the preferences of the next generation, who are accustomed to conducting social interactions within game-like contexts. With kids swapping bike rides for online meet-ups in realms like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox, Meta is aligning its strategy to accommodate this digital shift.

Anticipating the aging of this cohort, Meta foresees a desire to extend these interactions to diverse pursuits. The Horizon Worlds mobile experience serves as a conduit, ushering users into immersive, expansive environments and ultimately, more profound VR adventures. As we gear up to launch the advanced Quest 3 headset, the broader availability of the Horizon mobile app comes at an opportune moment. It promises to unite a surge of VR enthusiasts and mobile users, fostering a cohesive community of participants.

This pivotal advancement holds the potential to accelerate metaverse adoption, bridging the gap even as some remain skeptical about its significance. The metaverse’s moment may yet arrive, and this development marks yet another stride toward that impending era.



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