was co-founded by Krzysztof Gagacki and Edmond Truong. is an augmented reality app thta allow users to search and hunt for NFTs. Both co-founded created the “Cy-B3lla” NFT collection with model Bella Hadid, which launched in mid-2022.

For a while now things have been very quite with the company. The company website is offline without any reason, the twitter account also has been inactive and has not been post on since October 2022, the discord channel is a ghost town. Although once in while users pop in to ask question.

Recently, it was reported that one of the co-founder “Gagacki” has filed suit against Truong, alleging that he “has gone rogue”. The suit alleges that Truong tried to oust Gagacki from the company, stole around $2 million from a shared wallet, and damaged Gagacki’s reputation.

Gagacki also stated that Truong is attempting to launch a project on the Arbitrum network without his involvement, and that tokens minted there “could reach many times over the Rebase app’s last round valuation of $150,000,000” without being shared with Gagacki.

However Truong is yet to defend himself on this allegation and has not made any statement concerning the issue. It is estimated that Gagacki will claim a total of $77 million in damage, which represent he stolen funds, the value of the app, and the profits from the possible Arbitrum deal, according to []source

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