AI Now Able To Filter Out Female Harassment In Video Games.

Online harassment during video game play has been on the increase since it was possible to play video games from different location at the same time. This harassment is been suffered especially by female players. Many female players have experience objectifying comments, including threats such as rape or even to be killed, during online gaming conversations through their headsets. As a result of this, many female gamers hide their gender to avoid abuse and sexism, according to a research survey conducted by the US, Germany, and China.

In order to combat this issue during online video game play, Artificial intelligence is been used to combat the online harassment women suffer while playing video games.

A start up technology company Dataloop, among other companies is taking the lead in implementing AI in monitoring words exchanged during game play and eliminating inappropriate words. The company is an Israeli Audio studio technology company founded in 2017, the company platform is also used for many industries, including retail, drones and aerial imagery, robotics, autonomous vehicles, precision agriculture, and media and content.

The company “Dataloop” was able to achieve success with the AI by annotating audio recordings, meaning it turns the audio into data that the machines can understand the content. The AI can then distinguish between the different speakers within the audio, highlight transcription text as the audio is being played, and also its able to understand multiple languages.

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