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Can I make money with Bitcoin in Nigeria?

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Yes you can make money from Bitcoins, if you follow the right investment methods available to you. You can either make money with bitcoins by

1. Buying and holding your bitcoins and waiting for the price to appreciate and then you can sell it. For example, as of the time of writing this, 1 Bitcoins cost $34,619.63 (N13,155,459.40), if you buy some quantity now and leave it for a couple of days or month and the price appreciate to say $40,000 (N15,200,000). You would have made some profit

2. Trading your Bitcoins, that is you buy and sell when the price appreciate within hours or days. You can trade bitcoins at Binance or coinsbase. Although there are other sites where you can do this trading.

3. You can also make money from bitcoins by advertising for companies and getting paid in Bitcoins.