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Titan player enables you to watch movies for free from Bee tv. How can i install this on my Amazon firestick?
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To install Titan player in order to be able to watch movies for free from Bee tv, you will need to follow the steps outline below.

1. Go to you firestick home, and then click on the downloader, the downloader is a third party app that enables you to download apps to your firestick. If you dont have this already on your firestick, you can download it from the Amazon app store, go to the amazon app store, search for downloader and install.

2. Click on the Downloader, this will take you to its home page 

3. Type in this URL: firesticktricks.com/titanin in the browser box on the downloader page

4. Wait for Titan Player to download to your Amazon firestick. 

5. Click on Install.

6. Then click on Done.

Titan Player has successfully been install to your Amazon firestick, you can now enjoy you Bee Tv movies