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Hi, i need steps on How pictures from my android phone can be printed out?
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To be able to print pictures from your phone, you will need a Wi-Fi enabled printer,

You can get one of this from an HP shop. HP printers now comes with inbuilt Wi-fi.

Once you have gotten a printer with a Wi-fi connection, then follow the steps below.

1. Connect the Wi-fi enabled printer to the Hotspot network of your phone, this allows both the printer and your phone to be connected to the same wireless network.

2. Now Open the Settings menu. On the setting menu you will see an icon that resembles a gear. Click on the icon on your Home screen or apps menu on your Android phone.

3. Click on the search magnifying glass icon, and type in Printing. This will allow your android phone to search the setting menu for the printing options, once this is done, it will displays the menu with the Printing options. 

4. Click on Printing, this opens the printing menu

5. On the printing menu, select System printing service to turn it ON

6. Now select the Defult Print Service, which is the default printing plug-in for Android devices. This will prompt your phone to start searching for available network of the printer

7. Once the phone is able to locate the printer on the network, you will tap on the name of the printer to have it connected to your phone.

8. After establishing connection between your phone and the printer on the network, you can now proceed to print you pictures from your phone.

9. Now go to your Gallery, open and select the pictures of your choice, then click on the three dots (more option) in the top right side, scroll down on the dropdown menu and select PRINT

10. That's all and your pictures will be printed out nice and smooth.