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How can i setup an Instagram Shop online? can you give me step by step approach.

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Setting up an Instagram shop is easy to do with the steps below. You can setup you instagram shop just like the one in the picture below and from it you can earn a lot of money by sales of products that your audience like.

  Make sure to follow it all the way.

1. First you will need to accept to follow the instagram rules, you can do this by ticking all the boxes on the rule section of the website, then you can convert your Instagram account or a new account to a business account.

2. The go to your profile and then click in the upper right hand corner and open Settings. This will drop a menu with a list of options

3. Now scroll down and click "Switch to professional account". You will be asked to select a category for your account such as "Shopping & retail" or "Product/Service".

4. After you have selected your choice, you will be allowed to insert a website link and a phone number, this should be your own website for your business if you have one. 

NOTE: If you dont have a website, you can equally add and link your Instagram business account to a Facebook Page. You can create a new Facebook Page if you don't have one.

5. Now, go to your new business profile and click "Edit profile" and then click "Page" under "Public business information", this will allow you to make some changes as you want on the page and to create a new page also.

6. Now you can begin to add your product to the your Instagram shop catalogue.

7. Once this is done, you products will be displayed for your followers and audience. You can also set prices for each of the product you want to sell. 

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