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How do I apply for UNIUYO Transcript or Document Verification Online?

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You can obtain your Uniuyo transcript, by applying online. You will need to follow the steps below to do that.

    1. Create your company’s profile by filling in your company’s details.

    2. Confirm your details on the confirmation page.

    3. Enter a student’s Matric no to verify.

    4. Select a document type.

    5. Proceed to generate a transaction ID to be used on Quickteller.

    6. After registering your profile and successful payment, you can then login to your profile.


    1. All fields are compulsory

    2. Note that courier options attracts extra fees.

    3. Kindly contact the transcript office after your application has

    4. Been submitted for further enquiries on the courier options

    5. The university frowns at the patronage of unapproved courier services for transcript processing

    6. The only approved courier service by the university management is universal parcel service (ups) and payment is made online

    7. Together with your transcript fee – it is automatic. Patronage of any other courier service is at the risk of the patron.

    8. Payment for transcript processing is prohibited and whosoever pay cash to anybody for transcript processing does so at his/her own risk.

Source: Uniuyo

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