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I will like to make some changes to my iphone calendar color, to personalise it to the color that i want and like. I dont really like this default color that come with my iphone calendar. How do i do this?
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The apple device is actually loaded with a lot of features and they have made it very flexible for users, especially for those who will want to personalise the default features that comes with their devices. Some of the features that comes with the calendar include the ability to creating and editing events, sending or replying to invitations, as well as making changes to the color of the calendar.

To change the Calendar date color on your iphone or ipad devices, follow the steps below

1. Go to the app page on your iphone, open the calenda app

2. Tap on the “Calendars” option at the bottom of the screen.

3. click on the ‘i‘, which is the information icon and its next to the calendar you want to change the color for.

4. Click on the Color option and a drop down of the various available colors will be visible for you to choose from.  

5. Now you can select from the list of already available colors or tap Custom, this will alow you to pick a color of your choice. 

6. If you wish to customize your own color, you can pick from the Grid, Spectrum, or Slider of custom color.

7. After selecting the color of your choice, tap x at the top right and then tap Back at the top left corner. 

8. Once you are done look at the top right corner and click on done. This will automatically save the changes that you have made and you have successfully change the colors of the date on your calendar.

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