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How can i disable OneDrive from the window 11 on my PC, i am already with a using a different cloud service which i will like to synchronize on my PC?
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Sure its possible to disable or remove the OneDrive that comes with the window 11 that is install on your PC. You can o do this using two method.  


Step 1: In order to remove OneDrive sync on Windows 11, first open the OneDrive settings in Windows 11. To do this, right-click on the OneDrive icon in the system tray in Windows 11.

Step 2: Then click on settings for OneDrive from the gear icon in the app at the top right corner.
Step 3: Once the OneDrive settings opens, click on the account tab. In here, you will see your existing account and there will be an option to Unlink this PC.
Step 4:  Click on this link to remove your account from this PC.
Step 4: After clicking on the link, now select the settings tab and in the general settings, you will see an option to start OneDrive automatically, uncheck this option and OneDrive will not start when Windows boots up on start up.
After doing this, your OneDrive will not sync in the background again 
An alternative method to do this is just to simply uninstall the app from your  control panel in Windows 11, just like uninstalling apps.