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I came across this permanent pacemaker (PPM). Do you know what this is?
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Permanent pacemaker, also known as (PPM) is a medical device implanted under the skin of the chest to help the heart beat in a regular rhythm. it is used for long-term treatment of arrhythmias with slow heart rate. 

PPMs have two parts: a small battery-powered pacemaker and leads which connect the generator to the patient’s heart. If the heart rate is slow, the pacemaker will stimulate the heart at a desirable rate.

The PPM sits under the skin on the left or right side of your upper chest. The pacemaker sends electrical signals to your heart to keep it pumping at a normal rate.  

There are different types of PPM, this include

1. Single chamber – the electrical signal is sent to one chamber of the heart, usually the ventricles 

2. Dual chamber – the electrical signal can be sent to two heart chambers, usually a top (atrium) and bottom chamber (ventricle), and 

3. Bi-ventricular pacemaker – the electrical signal can be sent to three chambers. The two sides of the bottom chambers (ventricles) can be sent an electrical signal to make them pump together. This pacemaker is used to treat heart failure.