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 I have a question that am trying to wrap my head around and the question is “What’s the Difference Between Computer Engineering and Computer Science?”
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Computer science (CS) and Computer engineering (CE) are both tech-intensive fields of study that is build around computer and information systems. 

However Computer science (CS) deals with the knowledge around computing theory, data analysis and programing. Computer science (CS) will give you the following understanding of:

1. Programming languages such as Java, SQL, and Python;

2. How to run, maintain, and fix Linux and Windows operating systems;

3. Data structures and algorithms;

4. Basic cybersecurity and cryptography;

5. Knowledge of designing, coding, and testing software;

6. How computer networks work and how to manage them.

While Computer engineering (CE) combines electronic engineering with computer science and deals with the knowledge around computer design, designing interfaces, computer hardware such as microprocessors, memory chips, output devices (i.e. printers, remote controls), data storage devices, networking components (modems, switches, routers), and the like. More so, as a computer engineer you will be able to do coding, testing of software and development.