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How can i migrate to Airtel RCCG Plan in order to enjoy very low call rate. whats the activation code for it also.

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The Airtel RCCG Plan is a new one from Airtel which allows their customers to enjoy 40 minutes of uninterrupted calls for as low as N100. This service is perfect for all Airtel prepaid clients.

To migrate to the Airtel RCCG Plan: This can be done in two Methods. 

Method 1: Using the Airtel Service center

1. Go to the nearest Airtel Service Center near you.

2. Request for a New SIM Registration (with the RCCG package as default).

3. Register and activate your new RCCG SIM.

4. Dial *121*2*5# to confirm that you’re on the RCCG plan. 

5. After that, recharge your line with as low as N100 and start enjoying the bonus on every recharge.

Method 2: Using the short USSD code

1. Dial *276*200# to buy the RCCG monthly package. It costs N700 only.

2. Dial *121*2*5# to confirm that you’re on the RCCG plan.