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How to make $45 to $100 an hour just being English language tutor

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If you know how to speak English language, here is an opportunity for you to earn $45 to $100 an hour as a side hustle by just teaching people and children from other countries who wish to learn English language. You dont need any degrees or certification or you dont need to be a teacher.

The following steps will show you how you can make $45 to $100 an hour just for speaking English

1. Go to this website www.preply.com

2. Click on become a tutor

3. Click on Signup, this you can either do using your Gmail or facebook or email

4. Once you have signed up, complete your profile and note that the more comprehensive the information specified in the tutor's profile, including the schedule and video greeting, the higher his chances of getting a student who will be interested in exactly the areas of study and time of classes provided by the tutor.

5. If you get contacted by a student for tutor, the student pays for the first lesson through the platform. The tutor and student can exchange personal messages on the platform in order to find out the details of future lessons. According to the rules of the site, the student and the tutor are not allowed to disclose names, contact information or social media profiles until the student pays for the first lesson.

6. Prepayment of lessons

After the completion and confirmation of the first lesson by the student, the system will automatically offer him to buy a package of lessons to continue working with the tutor, if he approached the student. Otherwise, the system will offer the student to change to another tutor. Working with this system is mandatory for all tutors. Students can buy 5, 10, 15 and 20 hour lesson packages as they see fit. Try to convince your students to buy the maximum package of lessons. In this case, you will receive additional points and the student will receive a flat discount from the platform. Please note that a tutor can only schedule future lessons with a student if the student has prepaid lessons on their balance sheet.

7. Withdrawing funds from an internal account

To withdraw funds from your internal account, click the "Withdraw funds" button. After clicking it, a menu will open where you can choose a withdrawal method. 

Available options, include:

- Direct transfer to MasterCard® from Payoneer;

- PayPal

- Skrill.