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How do i get more storage space on my iphone?

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If you have been getting storage full error on your iphone, then you are not alone as many iphone user experience the same problem. Well to solve this, you will need to increase your iphone storage space. To do this, follow the steps below

1. You might want to delete some unimportant content on your iphone, such as old pictures and videos from social media apps like whatsapp, which automatically download to your phone when you view them. Or you can delete apps that you have not used for a very long time. This will free up the iPhone memory.

2. You can also expand the space on your iphone by extracting all the videos, pictures and other data to you PC, an external hard drive or a USB flash drive

3. You can also delete old iphone backups on the phone. This you can do by

- Go to Settings and click General.

- Tap on Storage & iCloud Usage.

- Tap on Manage Storage under the iCloud section to choose the old iPhone backup.

- Hit Delete Backup > Turn Off & Delete to turn off backup and delete all backup data for the device.

4. You can use iCloud Photo Library to store you pictures, this is therefore stored in the cloud and not on your phone. To setup this on your iphone, Go to Settings > Photos & Camera and turn on iCloud Photo Library.

5. Another thing you can do is to turn off Photo Stream on your iphone. You can do this by Go to Settings > Photos (or Photos & Camera in older iOS versions) and disable My Photo Stream. This will delete your Photo Stream from your iPhone and expand iPhone storage.

6. In addition you can empty the Recently Deleted folder, which contain all your deleted files. This will free up space on your iphone.

7. You can also clear Safari couch to free up space.

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