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How can i change the default web browser on my Iphone?
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To change your default browser on your Iphone is not as hard as it sound, however you will need to make sure that your iphone is running on the iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 or later. 

Now to change your default web browser on your iphone, follow the steps below.

1. You will need to go to Settings on your iphone and scroll down until you are able to find the browser app that you want to change from being the default browser, such as Firefox.

2. Now click on the app, then tap Default Browser App 

3. Now select one of the listed web browser to set it as the default. Once this is done, a tick will appear to confirm it has been set as the default browser.

NOTE: If you delete the web browser app that you have set as the default browser, your device will automatically set Safari as the default browser app.