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How do I Link my MTN Phone Number to National Identity Number (NIN)

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To link your MTN phone number to NIN, can be done in 2 ways. Either by

1. Making use of the MTN NIN short code or 

2. Making use of the MTN NIN linking portal or 

3. Via text message

1. Making use of the MTN NIN short code: Simply dial *785# using the phone number you wish to link to NIN or dial *785*YourNIN# from the phone.

2. Making use of the MTN NIN linking portal: To do this through the MTN portal, simply visit  https://mtnonline.com/nin/ to submit your NIN details. The details that will be required from you include

- Personal details, 

- Your NIN and 

- Phone number.

Once submitted, it will be received but marked as unverified and pending validation against the NIMC database.

3. Via text message: You can also link your phone number to the NIN via text messages to the MTN network. Simply text your NIN number to 785, for example, NIN-54322903340 to 765.

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